Stuff I Forget, Volume IV


99. DRAFT HEALTHCARE, Draft FCB. What was the old parent company name? FCB? Foote Cone Belding

100. The movie about working at Vogue, with Meryl Streep as a mean Anna Wintour and Stanley Tucci as the friendly flitty stylist. Who is the star? *The Devil Wears Prada *Anne Hathaway

101. The Lowe Bell lady whose name I borrowed for hotmail login …ah caroline sturdy

102. Orange brown little tart onions… *shallots

103. That strange guy who published books and pamphlets about the jews etc. Morris something. Book on that poet. Ezra Pound. Eustace Mullins

104. The Jewish premier, the milk drinker. Mendes-France

105. College in Northhampton, where Claire went. Mt Holyoke

106. frank e funeral parlor on mad… Frank E. Campbell

107. The jerk in Urbana, on Usenet. Jason Heimbach? jason heimbaugh jason r heimbaugh

108. the part of LA where UCLA is…Westwood

109. Ad agency in Pan Am building where I worked for two days in Sept 1979. (Foote Cone and Belding…oddly enough I worked for them again, or a branch, as DraftFCB Healthcare in 2010.)

110. PM 1979-1988 Maggie? Oh Thatcher

111. head of Lib party after Jo Grimond…Jeffrey? Jeremy Thorpe

112. term for hourglass figure on a woman…hourglass…thinking of buying a Chemex

113. kooky long cloud
cloud cuckoo land
couldn’t remember expression

114. bill bundy’s father in law
dean acheson

115. Josie Kulikowski’s mother…took a moment
Kiki Reynolds

Josie’s mother Kiki’s stepbrother was Edward Gorey

What’s Gorey’s Story?

116. screenwriter of darling, two for the road… frederic raphael?

117. kennels’ basset hound…what was the name??
son of the sufferns’ dog c 62 or 63 Katie
timmy and i had a song to the angels 63 hit ‘my boyfriend’s back’
something, something, the puppy’s back

116. Boston store with brown bread and baked beans, like S&S Cross
SS Pierce

117. Salesia, East Prussia, Pomerania
could not remrmber Salesia

118. Deborah Friedell in LRB 19 January 2023 said JPK was removed as ambassador for his defeatism. This did not happen.

‘Lindbergh argued that it was ‘obvious’ the British were losing the war; indeed, they were destined to lose to Germany, no matter how much assistance the Americans provided. Roosevelt had recalled the American ambassador to Britain, Joseph Kennedy, for saying much the same thing.’

FDR in fact insisted on keeping JPK on nearly a year longer than JPK wanted. But this is a minor point, one more instance of British vagueness about American political history. (Like journalist Francis Beckett who in a biography of his father, described the Hiss-Chambers case as Whittaker Chambers shopping his old colleague Alger Hiss to Joe McCarthy: a confoundment of epic proportions.)

119. James Whitmore in Oklahoma film…could not come up with his name
as the farmer

120. Pile of leaves and decaying veg matter to be used as fertilizer
compost heap….came to me later

121. Town in VA, battle in Dec 1862. Fredericksburg

122. Elyse HF’s name. Maxwell

123. John Waters movie with Elizabeth Coffey…had to look this up. Pink Flamingos

124. Squid rings you eat… calamari!

125. British Jew playwright…Arnold Schindler or something.
Wrote the servant, the cocktail party
married to antonia fraser or another catholic antonia
what pinter?
Harold Pinter

126. Strange quasi-tranny who briefly wrote for SpliceToday then TheMarySue. All I could remember was the surname was Riedl. Sam Riedel

127. Star of Double Jeopardy, along with Tommy Lee Jones and Bruce Greenwood. Anna Yount? Something Judd? Ashley Judd.
Have had trouble remembering that name in the past. She had a brief career.